Internet Identity Workshop IIWXXX

April 28 8:00 AM-April 30 5:00 PM PDT


Hyperledger is once again sponsoring the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). This year IIWXXX is virtual.

IIW brings together the largest concentration on the planet of talent dedicated to designing and building identity systems that empower individuals.

IIW was started to discuss what was then called “user-centric identity” and a look at the proceedings from past IIWs will convince you that topics related to user-centric identity are a big part of every IIW. The recent interest in self-sovereign identity, blockchain-based identity, and related systems has pushed that conversation to a new level.

Join the Hyperledger Identity community at IIW, and discuss, share your knowledge, work on and learn about anything & everything related to Internet Identity.

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April 28 8:00 AM

April 30 5:00 PM

Event Website:

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