Hyperledger Member Webinar: Accenture – Blockchain Automation Framework to automatically deploy production worthy DLT networks

December 16 7:00 AM-8:00 AM PDT

Setting up a DLT network in a production-scale environment is not straightforward. It is complex and time consuming process with a huge learning curve. Therefore, when Blockchain developers are asked to use an unfamiliar DLT platform, it requires a great deal of effort for even experienced technicians to properly setup the DLT network. This is especially true in large-scale production projects across heterogeneous corporate environments which require other key aspects such as security and service availability. BAF helps in simplifying this by providing a framework to automatically deploy by just taking a single configuration file as input. Hyperledger Member company, Accenture, implemented it for Hyperledger Fabric , Indy and Besu. This will be a technical presentation with a demo.


December 16 7:00 AM

December 16 8:00 AM

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