Hyperledger Member In-Depth with IPwe

February 8 7:00 AM-8:00 AM PST

Maximizing the Value of your Intellectual Property with the Smart Intangible Asset Platform 

Hyperledger member IPwe will introduce its Smart Intangible Asset Management platform. It is a revolutionary platform that enables businesses to discover the true value of their entire IP portfolio for efficient, data-driven decision-making and asset management in one platform

During this webinar, you will learn about the features and benefits of the Smart Intangible Asset Management platform, including its patent valuation benchmarks, competitive analysis reports, projections of one’s portfolio’s financial performance, revenue generation opportunities, and use of patent NFTs to increase patent data management and storage.

You will also see a live demo of the platform in action, and have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our expert team.

No matter your expertise in intellectual property, this webinar will provide business leaders with valuable insights and information on how the Smart Intangible Asset Management platform can help you maximize the value of your intangible assets.

Featured Speaker: Leann Pinto – President IPwe

About IPwe

The focus of IPwe’s mission and technology is about innovation. We promote and encourage innovation using tried-and-true technologies so business leaders can better manage intangible assets.

Founded in 2018, IPwe is a global platform leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and blockchain technology around smart intangible asset management. In addition, IPwe is expanding traditional IP markets by increasing transparency with clear and verifiable metrics to lower costs and enhance value and returns. Through IPwe, everyone from startups to large enterprises, business and financial executives to IP experts, can collaborate on a business, technical, legal, or financial level to enhance efficiency, value, opportunities, and innovation to better manage their intangible assets.


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February 8 7:00 AM

February 8 8:00 AM

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