Hyperledger Member In-Depth Integra Ledger

March 8 10:00 AM-11:00 AM PST

Universalizing Document Automation Using Hyperledger Technologies


  1. David Fisher (Founder and CEO, Integra Ledger)
  2. Mike Rinow (CTO, Integra Ledger)

About Integra Ledger

Integra is the first blockchain wallet for document credentials. It grew out of a project to solve complex security problems that arise when organizations collaborate on documents and contracts.

If everyone used the same software, the same cloud, and the same database, then everything would be easy. But that’s not the way things work. Translating data from one system to another, you introduce the potential for human error, security vulnerabilities, and expense. Making matters worse, every organization of any size has thousands of commercial relationships, almost none of which use the same exact technology stack.

Data complexity becomes an efficiency problem, which becomes a security problem, which becomes an expensive problem. In a sense, the world has become one giant security problem.

At the heart of the matter is data trust, or lack thereof. Enterprises rely on extensive security audits because trust is vested in the software rather than the data itself. Further, the only way for enterprises to transfer data while maintaining that trust is to find ways to connect their software. This has given rise to many intermediaries, such as cloud-based applications to keep things connected.


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March 8 10:00 AM

March 8 11:00 AM

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