Hyperledger In-depth with Zeeve: Enterprise DevOps Automation for launching and managing your Blockchain Networks

November 15 10:00 AM-October 11 11:00 AM PST

Blockchain’s adoption in myriad industries and applications is now a foregone conclusion. The major next concern is how to design an innovative decentralized application for your enterprise and launch a resilient Blockchain network that provides the uptime and performance expected of an enterprise ready app.

In this webinar, the team from Zeeve, a Hyperledger member company, will walk you through the process of managing your enterprise Blockchain application – from designing deployment architecture to deploying to monitoring and managing your Hyperledger Fabric network.

The Zeeve team will cover following in a completely interactive session:

– Deploy, monitor and manage an enterprise grade Hyperledger Fabric network with Zeeve’s web3 automation platform
– Hetergenous cloud deployment
– Automation of CI/CD pipelines
– Manage seamless onboarding of your consortium partner
– The value proposition of using Zeeve’s automation platform than doing manually intensive in-house management.


Our Hyperledger In-depth series features live demos, tutorials, and stories from the battlefield! Members share learnings from their projects, and field all the hard questions about the pains and triumphs of working with DLTs. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved, come prepared with questions and voice your opinions.
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November 15 10:00 AM

October 11 11:00 AM

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