Hyperledger In-depth with Indicio: Indicio Proven – Scaling verifiable digital credentials using open source technology

October 5 10:00 AM-11:00 AM PDT

Sometimes called “self-sovereign identity,” “user-centric identity,” or “reusable identity,” the open source technologies of Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Ursa, and Hyperledger Aries provide an authoritative way to authenticate any data without having to check in with the source of that data — or go through a third party. Introducing Indicio Proven™ – a complete, decentralized ecosystem for using verifiable credentials to create, share, and verify data of any kind while preserving privacy and enhancing security. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Proven is designed to be a complete starter kit for creating your own Trusted Digital Ecosystem, containing all the components needed to create, share, and verify data through verifiable credentials. Learn from Indicio, Hyperledger member company, how to integrate interoperable, verifiable digital credentials and implement them into your existing systems.


In the “Hyperledger In-depth with… .” series, Hyperledger Foundation members share learnings from their projects and try to answer all the hard questions about the pains of working with DLTs. It is not yet another webinar: participants will be encouraged to take part, come with prepared questions and voice opinions. Expect live demos and tutorials, stories from the battle field and hopefully some heated discussions. Let’s get out of the zoom fatigue and engage to share experiences and build a stronger community.


October 5 10:00 AM

October 5 11:00 AM

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