Hyperledger In-depth with Bosch: Enabling micro transactions between IoT devices using the Perun state channel framework

November 19 7:00 AM-8:00 AM PDT

In an attempt to find an effective solution for enabling IoT devices to do micro transactions, we, the Perun team, have developed a framework based on formally verified, second layer protocols for direct peer-to-peer, off-chain transactions. Potential use cases by Bosch, Hyperledger member company, are: a machine selling its data generated by its sensors to another machine or an electric car purchasing electric power at a charging station or machines on a shared industry shop floor wanting to work together. In each of these contexts, machines may want an infrastructure to make low value transactions at high frequency with instant confirmation. Additionally, the machines could also have constraints on compute, storage and network connectivity. In this talk, we take a deep dive into understanding the problem and then present our solution for it using the Perun state channel framework. We will also be presenting a live demonstration.

Our Hyperledger In-depth series features live demos, tutorials, and stories from the battlefield! Members share learnings from their projects, and field all the hard questions about the pains and triumphs of working with DLTs. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved, come prepared with questions and voice your opinions.
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November 19 7:00 AM

November 19 8:00 AM

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