Developer Week 2024

February 21 9:00 AM-February 23 5:00 PM PST

Talk: Decentralization, Blockchain, and Open Source: Better Together

Hart Montgomery, Hyperledger Foundation, CTO

Blockchain is being increasingly adopted as the trust infrastructure for critical systems around the world. At its core, a blockchain serves as an information store with decentralized trust: even if some constant fraction of participants in a blockchain act maliciously, the blockchain will still retain its ability to be a truthful store of information. This decentralization is blockchain’s main advantage and usefulness over traditional databases. In this talk, I will explain the core relationship between decentralized trust and blockchain in a way that relates to both cryptocurrencies and permissioned blockchain systems like those built with Hyperledger technologies. I will explain how blockchain governance typically works (also in a decentralized manner!) with a variety of examples. Finally, I will explain why fully open source development processes are the only way to ensure proper decentralization of blockchains and how we go about these processes in the Hyperledger Foundation. 

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Hart Montgomery

CTO, Hyperledger Foundation
Hart Montgomery serves as the CTO of Hyperledger Foundation and as a technical advisor to the Open Wallet Foundation. Hart has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptography, and previously worked in blockchain and cryptography research at Fujitsu Research where he helped lead... Read More →


LIVE in-person Talk - Oakland Convention Center (Oakland, CA)

Date: 2/23/2024

Time: 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM (PT)

Stage: PRO Stage B

Length: 25 Minutes

Live Online Session - RingCentral (formally known as Hopin)

Date: 2/29/2024

Time: 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM (PT)

Stage: PRO Stage B

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February 21 9:00 AM

February 23 5:00 PM

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