Blockchain Summit Latam

October 4 9:00 AM-October 6 5:00 PM EST

Blockchain Summit Latam Colombia will have 3 full days to learn, connect and visualize opportunities that this technology gives us in various areas such as government, banking and financial services, international trade, decentralized finance, NFT, Metaverse, web3 and much more!

This 7th edition will be special building on the foundation of what was Devcon VI, the world conference on the ecosystem of Ethereum, in Bogotá last year. The region has not only been building in blockchain for several years but also with that fact of 2022 it was activated in this technology. The headquarters of Blockchain Summit Latam will be the same as Devcon, Agora convention center and will continue to expand that knowledge and development in the region. 

Hyperledger Talk: Alfonso Govela - Hyperledger Latinoamerica Chapter Founder

Founding Member of Hyperledger Latinoamerica Regional Chapter Alfonso Govela will be representing the Hyperledger Latinoamerica. Alfonso Govela, from MIT and UIA, is passionate about Architecture, Cities and the Digital World. It has an M.Arch.A.S. in MIT Applied Computer Science. He is an Architect and Urbanist at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He is a member of the National Academy of Architecture in Mexico and of the Colleges of Architects of Mexico and Madrid, Spain. He is a Metropolis Consultant in Urban Innovation and Blockchain ( He has been a UN-Habitat Consultant in charge of DigitalCivix, a global initiative to promote civic literacy and empower citizenship in our digital age, through knowledge platforms, Interaction Ecosystems and Governance Interfaces. He is also a Mentor of the Linux Foundation and Founding Member of the Hyperledger Latin America Regional Chapter at the Hyperledger Foundation.

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October 4 9:00 AM

October 6 5:00 PM

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