Blockchain Rio 2024

July 24 9:00 AM-July 25 5:00 PM BRT

Join Hyperledger Foundation at Blockchain.RIO, Latin America's largest and leading innovation hub for blockchain technology and digital finance.

This year, the program features leaders, experts and educators dedicated to driving the tokenized economy forward, which will include a 'Hyperledger Day' led by General Manager of Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation and the Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation Daniela Barbosa. 

Through networking, business generation and collaborative learning, the event is accelerating the development of the ecosystem and bringing together companies, developers, academics and authorities.

The event aims to be an open and dynamic ecosystem that brings together a diversity of key players from the tokenized economy and the real economy, focused on fostering the ecosystem of innovation, development, digital finance and compliance, through education and business generation.

Join us at Blockchain.RIO to hear from an industry leader who is shaping the future of blockchain technology!

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July 24 9:00 AM

July 25 5:00 PM

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