BIS Innovation Summit 2024

May 8 1:30 PM-3:30 PM EDT

Hyperledger Foundation is co-hosting a workshop at the BIS Innovation Summit with the Gates Foundation, and Mojaloop Foundation called "Enhancing Open Source Adoption in Central Banking"

Date: May 8th  
Location: Basel  
Organized by: Hyperledger Foundation, BIS Innovation Hub Toronto, Gates Foundation, and Mojaloop Foundation

Strategic Elements 
Why Open Source in Central Banking? 
- Overview: Delve into the rationale behind leveraging open source for central banking, emphasizing its value and transformative potential.
- Institutional Insights: Representatives from various institutions will share their perspectives and experiences, enriching the discussion with real-world examples.

Collaborative Development Benefits 
- Discussion: Focus on the significant advantages of collaborative development in the open source ecosystem.
- Experience Sharing: A platform for participants to share insights and lessons from collaborative projects.

Addressing Cybersecurity and Reputational Risks 
- Myth Busting: Address common misconceptions about cybersecurity in open source and discuss strategies for managing reputational risk.
- Strategic Focus: Highlight the importance of governance in mitigating risks associated with open source adoption.

Open Source for Financial Inclusion and Stability
- Role and Impact: Explore how open source can facilitate financial inclusion and contribute to global economic stability.
- Institutional Contributions: Institutions will share examples and insights, showcasing the impact of open source solutions.

Practical Elements
This section focuses on the practical aspects of open source adoption, covering legal implications, procurement differences, support, governance, licensing, project vitality, and management of scope and changes over time.


May 8 1:30 PM

May 8 3:30 PM

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