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Internet Identity Workshop IIWXXXII #32 2021A

April 20, 2021 - April 22, 2021

$70 – $450

The Internet Identity Workshop #IIW has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005

Get a the real-time pulse of genuinely disruptive technologies that are the foundation of today’s important Internet movements. Every IIW moves topics, code, and projects downfield. This is the time and place that you get to discuss, share your knowledge, work on and learn about anything & everything related to Internet Identity today.  Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference!

IIW is at its heart a participatory conference, it is an Open Space unConference.  It has no keynotes or panels, so it’s about getting stuff done! All attendees are welcome to call and host or present sessions. No formal presentation is required to host a session.

While we miss being with everyone in person, we have found that the online event isn’t just an acceptable substitute, but a real workshop in its own right with considerable advantages. Being virtual will allow many more people from around the world to participate in the important discussions that happen at each IIW.

The day’s schedule is designed to provide session time slots in as many time zones as possible. The agenda will be created live each day by attendees present at the opening circle or closing circle, depending on your time zone.

Through dozens of sessions, you’ll have plenty of chances to present your ideas, ask questions, engage in challenging dialog, and make new professional connections. The Open Space unConference format is perfect for a rapidly moving field where the organizing team cannot predetermine what needs to be discussed. We know great people will be at IIW XXXII. The attendees who have a passion for learning and contributing to the event that makes it the success it is.