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Consensus 2018

May 14, 2018 @ 8:00 am - May 16, 2018 @ 5:00 pm EDT

Consensus 2018 will bring together 4,000+ industry professionals and feature 200+ of the brightest minds shaping the blockchain tech & digital asset industries.

Hyperledger Booth
Come visit us in the Hyperledger booth (#315), snag a copy of the new Smart Contracts whitepaper, and grab some Hyperledger swag!
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Panel: State of Blockchain Healthcare  //  Tuesday, May 15 from 3:10 – 3:50pm
Panelists include:

  • Change Healthcare, Emily Vaughn
  • Embleema, Robert Chu
  • PokitDok, Ted Tanner
  • MedicalChain, Robert Miller
  • Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf

Consortium efforts feature heavily in blockchain projects in the healthcare industry. The goal of much of these projects is to unite the disparate processes in healthcare and ultimately improve patient experiences and outcomes. This panel will take a look at strides made in healthcare to implement blockchains as a viable solution to some of the most challenging issues that face healthcare.

Building Blocks Hackathon

Participate in the Building Blocks Hackathon at Consensus. The Building Blocks Hackathon at Consensus convenes many of the world’s top blockchain developers vying to build the next killer smart contract app. Participants can build on top of any blockchain protocol: any Hyperledger project, bitcoin, Ethereum, or otherwise. And through various sponsor challenges, they’re encouraged to leverage the software and support made available by our world-class mentors in order to deliver these solutions. Learn more >>

Demos in Hyperledger Booth
Monday, May 14 

10:20 AM: IntellectEU – Enterprise Blockchain Integration with IoT devices and back office systems by Hanna Zubko, CEO and Paulo Rodrigues, Global Business Developer Manager, CEO Portuguese Offices

This presentation covers a real customer case leveraging Blockchain technology to offer a new insurance product: a flexible pay per mile insurance based on the real car mileage and condition, calculating the insurance premium rate and quoting the offer based on the accumulated data received from the IoT device installed in the car. This Pilot project is based on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 and IntellectEU’s Catalyst integration solution. Catalyst serves as a hub for connecting the insurance DB, emulated IoT device, end user application and the ledger itself. Catalyst listens to the changes on all data sources and based on the business rules applies the corresponding logic.

12:30 PM: SecureKey – Using Hyperledger Tracking to Make Frictionless Digital Identity Possible by Matt Jaksic

SecureKey will be demonstrating Verified.Me, its digital identity network launching later this year that will put consumers in control of how they validate their identities. Collaboratively created by leading organizations across many different sectors including Canada’s leading banks, Verified.Me will enable consumers to privately, securely and conveniently share information from trusted providers such as banks, telecommunications companies and governments. The platform is designed to empower the consumer by giving them the ability to explicitly choose what information to share, when to share it and with whom. Come see how Verified.Me can change the way we get things done faster and securely online, in person and on the phone!

1:00 PM: Thales eSecurity – Enterprise ready high security blockchain by Jon Geater, Chief Technology Officer and John Velissarios, Managing Director, Accenture

Accenture has developed enterprise ready blockchain solutions with enhanced cryptographic security from Thales eSecurity Hardware Security Modules.

3:00 PM: Omnitude – Seamless Blockchain Integration by Martyn Brougham, COO Americas, and James Worthington, Blockchain Consultant

Omnitude is a middleware plug and play blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric, for use across the whole spectrum of enterprise and eCommerce platforms and allows eCommerce businesses to adopt blockchain quickly and efficiently, without needing to replace current systems. This presentation will show how Omnitude allows eCommerce and enterprise businesses to adopt blockchain quickly and efficiently, without needing to replace current systems.

3:50 PM: DLT Labs – DLT Wallet by David Freeman, Director

DL Digital Wallet is a sophisticated peer-to-peer network built with distributed ledger technology, offering security, efficiency, and convenience for an overall improved customer experience. DL Digital Wallet facilitates seamless account overview, accommodates company loyalty programs and management, and is integrated with leading e-payment service providers. The cost of each transaction is fixed irrespective of value transferred and received and is significantly less costly than other charges by any payment network today.

Tuesday, May 15 

10:20 AM: ScanTrust – “Cambio” Your Coffee: Using Blockchain to Drive Ethically Sourced Coffee by Tobias Kars, VP of Product & Delivery and Nathan J. Anderson, CEO/co-founder

As tech-savvy and socially conscious consumers seek more information about the sustainability of the products they consume, businesses need to adapt and find ways to track their relationships with suppliers and communicate this to their customer base. This project highlights how ScanTrust and Cambio Coffee, a leading Asian direct trade specialty coffee company, leverage Hyperledger Sawtooth to deliver greater supply chain transparency within the coffee industry and bring to light trusted product information. The lessons learned help us explore how blockchain enables new economic models for key stakeholders, creating a stronger and more sustainable ecosystem.

12:30 PM: Soramitsu – Hyperledger Iroha by Makoto Takemiya, Co-CEO

Hyperledger Iroha is close to being released and has many new features and architectural differences from previous versions. In particular, a new consensus algorithm, YAC, has been developed that allows for full Byzantine fault tolerance. Predefined commands to perform common tasks, such as creating and transferring assets, allow programmers to quickly build applications on top of Hyperledger Iroha.

1:00 PM: Evernym – Verifiable Credentials with Hyperledger Indy and the Sovrin DLT by Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer and Judd Bagley,
Sr Communications Director

Evernym will share a live demonstration of the use of Verifiable Credentials on the Sovrin DLT, powered by Hyperledger Indy. The demo will include a brief overview of key concepts, then show actual business cases for how a self-sovereign identity owner can be issued verifiable digital identity credentials into a mobile digital wallet and then present them to relying parties who can verify them by checking public keys on the Sovrin ledger. The result is much simpler, faster, more secure, and more privacy-respecting digital identity as well as powerful new types of decentralized online relationships. Evernym personnel will be in attendance for Q&A during and after the demonstration.

2:10 PM: Oracle – Hyperledger Fabric in Enterprise-Grade Cloud by Deepak Goel, Sr Director, Software Development

Oracle’s blockchain cloud service, built on Hyperledger Fabric, provides a hardened enterprise-grade platform for building blockchain applications and enabling existing enterprise applications to use distributed ledgers and trusted transactions. In this demo we will show you how it enables rapid experimentation and provides a production-ready blockchain infrastructure to realize successful use cases in production environment with high availability, enterprise security, dynamic scalability, and ease of operations built into the platform. We will walk you through the tools in the operations console and demonstrate how Hyperledger Fabric configuration, operations, and monitoring has been simplified and how developers and IT operations can be more productive leveraging Oracle’s blockchain cloud service as their Hyperledger Fabric platform.

3:50 PM: Greenstream Technology – Blockchain Meets Cannabis: Emerging Tech for an Emerging Industry by Manu Varghese, Chief Product Officer and Jim Anastassiou, VP Engineering

Greenstream Network is an industry-wide gateway solution that will allow Licensed Producers, Retailers, Regulators and other industry stakeholders to communicate, interoperate and transfer assets and value through the Canadian cannabis ecosystem. The emerging Cannabis ecosystem faces a plethora of challenges like Trace & Track of the goods through the supply chain, auditing & compliance issues, process integrity, slower payments & challenges with respect to identity validation. Greenstream provides three key solutions: Supply Chain Integrity, Payments & Settlements Engine and Self Sovereign Identity. The Greenstream ecosystem is based on a permissioned DLT model and uses Hyperledger frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric, Burrow & Indy to achieve specific objectives. The talk outlines the options considered & the factors evaluated; challenges faced & the learnings learned etc.

Wednesday, May 16 

12:15 PM: B9lab – Someone Needs to Build It: Closing the Hyperledger Talent Gap by Elias Haase, Founder

Every day, B9lab gets requests for Hyperledger Fabric developers, from concept-phase startups to major enterprises. However, as these requests grow, so does the need for thorough vetting and certification in the Hyperledger talent market. How do you know if the developers you are hiring are as good as they say they are?

12:45 PM: REMME WebAuth – Passwordless Authentication powered by Blockchain by Alex Momot, CEO

REMME WebAuth is a first and one of the basic DApps in the REMME ecosystem. The demo will demonstrate how users (employees or clients) could log in into the browser service via REMME in one click. REMME is an access management solution that obsoletes passwords. For each device users generate certificates. Once it is installed on a device it enables one-click authentication on the service that has REMME integrated with. REMME WebAuth could be integrated with any service, from crypto exchange to big enterprises’ intranets or web services.

1:45 PM: Altoros – Decentralization of P2P Securities Transfer Implemented on Hyperledger Fabric by Greg Skerry, Blockchain Solution Architect, Trainer

The presentation will cover details of a working blockchain project implemented for a National Settlements Depository Institution: decentralized platform for peer-to-peer securities transfer and keeping the records of securities owned by each holder. The solution developed on the Hyperledger Fabric framework keeps an immutable, auditable chain of records reflecting securities ownership transfers. The presentation will focus on the product functionality: how the platform works; how it can be adapted for transferring different types of assets or rights, incl. intangible assets.

6:00-8:00 PM: Meetup: The Hyperledger Greenhouse: Meet Developers Building Blockchain Frameworks 

Join Hyperledger NYC on the last evening of Consensus to get a chance to network and hear directly from developers of several Hyperledger frameworks! Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, will kick off the evening and Tracy Kuhrt, Community Architect at Hyperledger, will provide an overview of the frameworks and tools that you can leverage for your enterprise blockchain solution. Then breakout sessions will give you the opportunity to have a deeper discussion to learn more about Fabric, Sawtooth (Seth), Indy and more.

Please bring your burning questions about how to get started and participate in the Hyperledger community. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.meetup.com/Hyperledger-NYC/events/250427600/



May 14, 2018 @ 8:00 am EDT
May 16, 2018 @ 5:00 pm EDT
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