(1.22.2019) Ledger Insights: Hyperledger unveils supply chain blockchain project Grid

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Today Hyperledger, part of the Linux Foundation announced its latest enterprise blockchain project, Hyperledger Grid. The initiative is a framework that provides a set of tools particularly suited to supply chain blockchains. The main sponsors are agribusiness company Cargill and two of the maintainers of the Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain protocol, Intel and Bitwise IO. This is the first project focused on a particular industry.

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(1.17.2019) Bitcoin Exchange Guide: Barclays and Clearmatics Invite Coders to Increase Connection Between Enterprise Blockchains

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Two firms, the recognized bank Barclays and the U.K.-based startup Clearmatics are calling coders to connect Ethereum with enterprise-blockchains, including Hyperledger Fabric. Although blockchain technology has expanded all over the world, there are still some operability issues that must be solved and enhanced in the future.

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(12.13.2018) Smartereum: Hyperledger Blockchain Project Welcomes 16 New Members To Its Consortium

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In a bid to expand its consortium, Hyperledger has welcomed 16 new members. Yesterday, during the Hyperledger Global Forum in Switzerland, Hyperledger announced that it is welcoming 16 new establishments to its consortium. The names of the new members are: a subsidiary cloud computing firm of Alibaba, Alibaba Cloud, We.Trade, a trade finance platform based on blockchain technology, financial services company Citi Ventures arm and Citigroup, the biggest telecommunications provider in Europe, Deutsche Telekom, BlockDao, Xooa, Guangzhishu Technology, KEB Hana Bank, Guangzhou Technology Innovation Space Information Technology, HealthVerity, Techrock, and MediConCen.


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