(2.22.17) JAXenter: Brian Behlendorf explains the DevOps of Blockchain

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JAXenter: Hyperledger is one year old. What are the most important accomplishments so far?

Brian Behlendorf: At the end of January, Hyperledger has seen 3,821 commits made by 119 contributors representing 222,865 lines of code. Fabric and Sawtooth Lake projects picked up new contributions, developer momentum, and significant commercial interest over the past year. More than 25 proof of concepts and pilots built on top of the technologies in 2016 by some of the world’s leading financial services institutions. Hyperledger also launched Healthcare Working Group in October to house and foster technical and business-level conversations about appropriate applications for blockchain technology.

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(2.22.17) Computer Business Review: IBM links up with asset manager to bring blockchain to private equity market

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IBM has joined up with asset manager Northern Trust Corporation to bring blockchain technology to the private equity market.

The initiative is in response to the low level of innovation behind private equity businesses, a problematic issue in the modern world in which security, efficiency and transparency are key motivators for investment.

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(2.22.17) CoinDesk: Northern Trust Goes Live With IBM-Powered Private Equities Blockchain

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Northern Trust revealed today it has been discreetly running what may be the world’s first functioning private equities blockchain.

Custom built for Switzerland-based management firm Unigestion, the platform was co-developed by Northern Trust and IBM using Hyperledger’s Fabric code base. Notably, the distributed ledger features an active node that is already providing real-time data to a European regulator.

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