(10.22.2018) CCN: Visa Integrates Open Source Hyperledger Tech for B2B Blockchain Payments

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Visa is integrating open-source blockchain code from the Hyperledger Fabric ahead of the commercial launch of its own blockchain service for enterprise payments in Q1 2019.

Visa B2B Connect, the payment giant’s enterprise blockchain platform that enables cross-border payments between businesses, is partnering IBM to integrate the latter’s development of the open-source Hyperledger Fabric framework.

You can access the full article here.

(11.20.2018) Epicenter: Hyperledger – From Blockchain Hype to Production Networks

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Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger joins Epicenter to discuss the development of Hyperledger over the past two years. When Brian was last on the show, he had recently started his role at the Linux Foundation. Now, two years later, Hyperledger has gone from a nascent project to a mature ecosystem of technologies with hundreds of members. With dozens of networks in production, and backed by companies like IBM, Hyperleger is the most widely used blockchain technology for permissioned networks. Watch the full interview here.

(10.2.18) Computerworld: The world’s two largest enterprise blockchain groups join forces

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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a blockchain standards organization and Hyperledger, an open source collaborative under the auspices of The Linux Foundation, today announced they have joined each other’s groups.

The two groups said the joint associate membership will lead to an open-source, standards-based, cross-platform collaboration that can accelerate adoption of the distributed ledger technology for business.

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