Blockchain-Enabled Archives: Joisto Adds Trust Layer To Meet GDPR Rules

By August 12, 2020 Blog, Hyperledger Fabric

2018 was a revolutionary year when it came to data privacy. The rules of GDPR came into effect, including a mandate that storage and retrieval of data be 100% irrefutable.

For Joisto, a well known, highly compliant, multi-tenancy electronic archive and retrieval platform, GDPR meant customers started asking if they could add another layer of trust to their archive solutions. And that was no small task as Joisto specialized in large volume, high speed management and storage of over a 1,000 data and document types with full integrity for many sectors including finance, government and utility.

To solve this challenge, a small team of highly skilled developers created the ultimate solution: a blockchain-enabled archive. Joisto structured the state-of-the-art Blockchain Archive so companies can get the benefits of blockchain technology while still adhering to the GDPR standards, which require a single data controller. Solving the puzzle without a DLT would not be possible; only this technology makes it possible to store immutable records while still being flexible enough to comply with regulations. 

The platform, which was launched in January, 2020, was built on Hyperledger Fabric. Working with an open source blockchain was an obvious choice as Joisto is an open source platform, too. The company also needed a framework that supports multi-tenancy and didn’t use Proof of Work, and Hyperledger Fabric fulfilled both requirements.

The Hyperledger team has worked closely with Joisto to capture the drivers for developing a blockchain-enabled archive solution along with the details for this white label offering that is now heading into live beta deployments through the service provider market. 

Read the solution brief here.