Hyperledger Community on Camera: “How To Get Involved” Video Series – Part III

By May 26, 2020 Blog, Video

While the Hyperledger community was gathered in Phoenix at Hyperledger Global Forum, many members took the time to sit down, on camera, and explain what happens in the array of Hyperledger working groups, special interest groups (SIGs) and technology projects. These videos are great introductions to the community-driven activities in the Hyperledger ecosystem. Geared towards anyone looking to take on a more active role in the effort to advance open source enterprise blockchain, the “How To Get Involved” video series provides an overview of the goals, key initiatives and target use cases each for each group or project. The message in each case is that you are invited to join and all are welcome here.

In our first post in this series, we put the spotlight on work in the identity space and introduced the distributed ledger Hyperledger Indy as well as the libraries Hyperledger Aries and Hyperledger Ursa. Now it’s time to share more about some of our other projects.

Hyperledger incubates and promotes a range of business blockchain technologies, including distributed ledger frameworks. A distributed ledger is a multi-party database with no central trusted authority. The differentiating nuance is that when transactions are processed in blocks according to the ordering of a blockchain, the result is a distributed ledger. Hyperledger hosts a number of distributed ledgers. Below, learn more about getting involved with three of them: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha and Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Hyperledger also hosts a range of tools, including Hyperledger Caliper, a blockchain benchmark tool, which allows users to measure the performance of a specific blockchain implementation with a set of predefined use cases. Here’s an introduction to this project and community.