2019 Summer Mentee Project Update: Design Effective OS to Manage Blockchain Networks

The 2019 Hyperledger Summer Mentorship program has come to an end. During this program, my project was Design Effective OS to Manage Blockchain Networks. It was an amazing experience to work and get involved with the Hyperledger community and the Cello community. I had a wonderful time working with my mentors and the community members, who were all really helpful during the whole course of this internship.

Goals of Project

This project aimed at:

  • Implementing a new governing module to join blockchain networks together
  • Adding advanced capabilities to manage blockchain networks, including life-cycle, chaincode and permission
  • Developing other open objects that align with the existing roadmap

What was Accomplished

During the internship duration, we were able to implement a fully functional agent that makes Cello even more versatile than earlier. We were able to 

  • Create a base for an operator agent for Fabric in the Cello codebase
  • Create custom resources and APIs for CAs, peer and orderer
  • Implement the operator controllers for CA, peer and orderer
  • Integrate the agent with the Cello API and dashboard
  • Generate documentation for the new agent so that it can be used by the users

Project Progress

During my project, we successfully created an agent for Hyperledger Cello that can be used to create peer, CAs and orderers for Hyperledger Fabric. This agent can handle user inputs from the frontend as well as the certificates needed for running these nodes. The agent was developed using Kubernetes and uses the Operator SDK Framework to create Kubernetes Operators. 

The agent has been linked to the frontend and APIs and documentation has also been created to make sure that it is ready to be worked upon.

What I learned

  • The project used Kubernetes and Golang for its creation, and it was really good to learn the tools needed to complete my projects.
  • I learned to collaborate in an open source project, working remotely and successfully communicating with other members of the community.

Future Plans

  • I’ll be continuing my work with the Cello project, contributing code in the future to help with the other parts of the project.
  • This project has laid the groundwork for additional features that can be added to the agent and Cello itself, which can make it fully ready for the production usage.

For the full details, see my complete project report here.

I am very grateful for the support from my mentors, Baohua Yang, Haitao Yue, Tong Li and Jiahao Chen, as well as Hyperledger and for the opportunity to learn and contribute to open source Hyperledger projects.

I will also be speaking at Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona, talking about my project and work and also Hyperledger Cello. Please do come if you’re attending the conference.