2019 Summer Mentee Project Update: IoT and DLT in a telecom multi carriers architecture


Hyperledger Indy is a public and permissioned chain platform designed for identity-related usage. In this project, we use Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials combined with Indy ledger to realize Self-Sovereign Identity concept for IoT devices. Specifically, we designed a Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) architecture for supply chain process of telecom devices and implemented this architecture.

During this project, my mentor, Laura Spinaci, and I work on a design based on the proposal of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), and utilized the unique properties of Hyperledger Indy.


  1. Designed a DLT architecture for supply chain process of telecom devices.
  2. Implemented this architecture with DIDs, Verifiable Credentials and Hyperledger Indy Python packages. In this protocol, we have multiple Schema issuers and multiple Credential issuers due to the different roles of mobile network operators, manufacturers, quality assurance teams, and end users.
  3. Created the docker test environment (to be completed by 12/20/2019). In the test environment, we use different port in single computer to act like different nodes in the entire network.
  4. Provided API documents for telecom devices companies, and a simple front-end demo (to be completed by 12/20/2019)

What comes next

For IoT devices, the device-to-device access and communication can enhance the entire systems ability of, for example, using Google voice kit to automatically control the smart home devices. Additionally, design details for privacy and user-device interaction also need to be refined.

However, as the project timeline is quite limited, these parts are left for the further development. I am happy and willing to make further open source contributions to them, and to Indy and the entire Hyperledger ecosystem.

For detail project information, please check this wiki page.