Today, we officially launched the Hyperledger Training and Education Working Group!

This new group reports to the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee and is focused on developing open source training material (licensed as specified by the Hyperledger Charter) to educate people interested in expanding their knowledge of Hyperledger and its projects. The working group will consult with other Hyperledger working groups, Hyperledger team members, and the project maintainers to identify training needs and develop strategies, as well as, material to address those needs. The output of this working group will be targeted towards both technical and non-technical audiences.

The Training and Education Working Group will be developing open source material that will be stored in a github repository. This material will be licensed to meet the requirements of the Hyperledger Charter. The maintainers will be responsible for reviewing and approving the inclusion of material into the repository. Material must be reviewed and approved by a minimum of two maintainers before it can be committed to the repository. New maintainers will be proposed by an existing maintainer and approved by a majority of existing maintainers.

Participation is open to everyone in the community. The Training and Education Working Group will have an open e-mail list, a Rocket.Chat channel, and a wiki page. Meetings will be held bi-weekly via teleconference. When needed a task force can be created and have working sessions to discuss specific work items.

Meeting details, meeting notes, and documentation are accessible to everyone in the community. The following resources are available:

If you’re interested in joining, please subscribe to the mailing list and join the Rocket.Chat channel where meeting details will be announced. Hyperledger has several other very active community Working Groups, learn about all of them here.