Developer Showcase Series: Chris Kowalski, Blockchain Tech Labs

By November 21, 2017 Blog

Our Developer Showcase blog series serves to highlight the work and motivations of developers, users and researchers collaborating on Hyperledger’s incubated projects. Next up is Chris Kowalski an engineer at Blockchain Tech Labs.

What advice would you offer other technologists or developers interested in getting started working on blockchain? 

My advice to offer other technologist is to start right on. The blockchain space offers a dynamic set of unique opportunities to work in a field that is not that explored from other developers hence you can easily stand out. The parallels with the foundation of the web in the 90s are so many and working on blockchain projects can empower developers, so they leave their footprint. Not to underestimate the demand for skilled engineers from financial perspective however with blockchain coming more and more to surface this is an area that offers endless opportunities. There are many projects out there looking to pay premium salary for the top talent in this area.

Getting into blockchain development will require dedication, continuous improvement and a lot of reading but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Give a bit of background on what you’re working on, and let us know what was it that made you want to get into blockchain?

I have been involved with cryptography since my university years. In addition for the last 5 years I have been working on various blockchain projects including ATMCoin, Clinicubes and others. For me as a software engineer, this was an interesting challenge and offered me the chance to meet really amazing, talented people. We are lucky to have some of the smartest developers working on Blockchain/DLT projects and this had motivated me to be a part of this technology.

What project in Hyperledger are you working on? Any new developments to share? Can you sum up your experience with Hyperledger?

We have started with Hyperledger Fabric and had been successfully implementing several Proof of concepts such as a Supply Chain demo, Mortgages product and Clinical Trails Management infrastructure. When Hyperledger Composer came out it was the natural move for us. It made development and testing so much easier. Since we grew in numbers within Blockchain Technology Labs it made it easier and faster for our new team members to adapt to Hyperledger quicker.

What do you think is most important for Hyperledger to focus on in the next year?

I would say building more developer tools and improving on the awesome work done on the Composer framework but also getting some out-of-the-box testing and automation tools.

Where do you hope to see Hyperledger and/or blockchain in 5 years?

Hyperledger would still be the preferred infrastructure for permissioned based blockchain and thus preferred for Enterprise applications. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The adoption and support from Intel and IBM is key for this success. I expect blockchain type of protocols to be everywhere and replacing centralized infrastructure.