Meet the TSC: Binh Nguyen, State Street

By November 14, 2017 Blog, Hyperledger Fabric

Back to our blog series that focuses on the motivations and backgrounds of the individuals that make up Hyperledger’s Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The TSC is a group of community-elected developers drawn from a pool of active participants and is a core element of Hyperledger’s Open Governance model. The TSC is responsible for all technical decisions – from which features to add, how to add them and when, among others.

Now let’s introduce the next Hyperledger TSC member, Binh Nguyen from State Street. Let’s see what he had to say about Hyperledger, his role in the TSC and the community!

Describe your current role, background and why you wanted to be a part of the Hyperledger TSC?

I am currently a development director at State Street. I founded Open Blockchain, an open source project, which became the initial codebase of Hyperledger Fabric. I have been the chief architect of Hyperledger Fabric project since genesis and been working passionately with the community on architecture and implementation of Fabric. With my hands-on experience in blockchain, serving the community as a TSC member would allow me to help:

1) guide our technical projects in the right direction

2) involve in building and growing our community

3) learn from other members for my professional and personal development

4) be visible: after all, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you

Binh Nguyen, State Street

What are the benefits of Hyperledger’s open governance model?

I’ve been working on open source projects and learned to appreciate the model, more so for blockchain due to its potential to transform our economy, governance systems and businesses. No one company or organization should have control of the technology but by an open governance, we can ensure it is driven by the interests of the community and humanity. This is, to me, the number one reason why we do what we do in Hyperledger.

What advice would you offer other technologists or developers interested in getting started working on blockchain?

For those who want to work on shaping blockchain technologies, I would say read up and join Hyperledger; we are always welcome more developers. For those who are looking at building blockchain applications, my advice is to start small with a clear use-case, like bitcoin, a very simple but powerful and elegant application of blockchain. The key is to maximize the network effect between members participating in the blockchain. If you can crystalize that, you have a good blockchain application use-case.

What’s the one thing you hope to accomplish by being a part of Hyperledger’s TSC?

I am grateful for having been elected to TSC. My key objective is to help our community foster leading exemplar of blockchain projects for the good of everyone.

What use cases are you most excited about with Hyperledger and/or blockchain?

I am excited about a lot of blockchain use-cases as this technology can be applied to many different areas, both public and private sectors. From voting records to asset titles management to shipping and logistics. But the set of use cases that I think would have the most immediately impact on everyone of us is finance: from clearing and settlements to capital markets to payments. Financial institutions are facing once-in-a-lifetime disruption, and that’s what I am so excited about blockchain.