[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Rob Palatnick of DTCC

By October 26, 2017 Blog

Rob Palatnick is the chief technology architect and managing director at DTCC. Rob is working with DTCC to investigate and research blockchain to find out where its best use cases are going to be.

According to Rob, blockchain’s ability to share information in near real time with perfect security, immutability and privacy between industry participants can create enormous efficiencies in the post trade processing landscape for the financial community.

Hyperledger provides DTCC the perfect opportunity to contribute back as they look at the different business opportunities and use cases. DTCC wanted to take advantage of working with the entire industry and the open source community in finding the right avenues to leverage the technology. DTCC sees blockchain as a way to bring about efficiencies, and improve risk and controls — all at a lower cost. Everyone can look at the same information that is shared and be confident that it is accurate and correct with blockchain.

Rob says Hyperledger gives DTCC the opportunity to be in a leadership role and ensure that the financial markets understand how this technology can be implemented in the most risk organized and efficient manner possible.