[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews David Treat, Accenture

By September 15, 2017 Blog

David Treat is the global lead for Accenture’s Distributed Ledger Blockchain Practice Financial Services. As a services company, Accenture is an integrator of capabilities and wants to bring the best of innovations to clients. Hyperledger is the perfect place for them to be connected with all facets of participants in the blockchain innovation space. David believes being at that heart allows Accenture to bring the best to their clients.

According to David, blockchain has huge potential to move the financial services industry away from messaged based models, slow reconciliation processes and inefficiency of fragmented data stores. With blockchain, financial services can move to a shared data construct, driving down costs, increasing efficiency and opening up entirely new business models.

Blockchain is going to change the way Accenture does business with clients as they think about the network effect and the ability to share data among participants. It changes the model and the entire dynamic for consulting – to not just think about serving a single client but multiple clients and the wider industry.

If you want to be at the heart, innovation and progress of blockchain, Hyperledger is the place to be. The best conversations are happening here. Accenture wants to take the power of this diverse community and bring something truly transformative to all industries, according to David.