Mentorship at Hyperledger: Four Interns Share Their Appreciation for Great Mentors

If you read about the projects that Hyperledger’s summer interns have just completed, you’ll quickly see that these are serious internships that come with the prize of greater knowledge, skills, and connections with the technical community. One of the most important of these connections is the connection to a great mentor.

As part of our efforts to foster the development of blockchain talent globally, we pair each of our interns up with an expert to mentor and guide them. Here are all the ways that the mentors involved with Hyperledger’s 2017 summer internship program made a difference, in the words of our interns.

    • “My mentor, Baohua Yang from IBM, helped me in the project to understand and contribute.” — Indirajith Vijai Ananth
    • “My mentor, Jiang Feihu from Huawei Technologies, is one of the most supportive mentors I’ve come across to work with. Right from my selection for the internship, he started mentoring me and strategizing everything, although it was still a month difference from the official beginning of the internship. He’s a good mentor who helped me at every single difficulty that struck my way.” — Nikhil Chawla
    • My mentor was Makoto Takemiya from Soramitsu, and his mentorship helped me understand how Hyperledger Iroha and similar projects worked. We had meetings every week where progress on projects would be presented and where I would ask questions regarding details on Hyperledger Iroha and what the best way of achieving certain tasks would be. Makoto is a very skilled developer and he guided my research and development process to make sure everything was on track.” — Ezequiel Gomez
    • My mentor was László Gönczy from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), and Quanopt Ltd. His profound knowledge in business process modeling was a continuous source of guidance and support for my work. Firstly, he helped me to select of the BPMN elements to be implemented in the experimental prototype. The BPMN has an extremely large variety of notions in its metamodel (the standard being hundreds of pages long), but the important elements commonly used in the industry form only a smaller subset. Secondly, he helped to refine my approach by providing common, yet complex use cases/sample models. The expert guidance of my mentor played a significant part in successfully completing the project. Our work enjoyed a huge benefit of the professional advices of Imre Kocsis (BME).” — Attila Klenik

Thank you to all of Hyperledger’s mentors for fostering new blockchain talent and ensuring a successful 2017 summer internship program!