[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Ozgur Akdeniz, ANZ Bank

By August 17, 2017 Blog

We spoke with Ozgur Akdeniz, Head of Transaction Banking at ANZ. By being an active member in the Hyperledger community, ANZ is ensuring that Hyperledger has the best chance at developing an underlying code base that is fit for enterprise use. ANZ believes the Hyperledger community will produce the platform technologies of choice for the finance industry in the future.

ANZ has used Hyperledger Fabric for a successful nostro reconciliation POC with Wells Fargo. According to Ozgur, being able to leverage the expertise within the Hyperledger community and problem solve issues as they arise in POCs gives ANZ the ability to move faster, and continue to experiment and learn about this new tech to deliver business value. ANZ is focused on two areas with distributed ledger tech: expanding  their nostro reconciliation POC with Wells Fargo in terms of scope and number of participating banks. They also want to expand use cases because most have been focused on internal issues to date but they want to tackle external issues with trade guarantees, trade finance etc.

Watch the full interview:

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