[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Charles Cai, Wanda Internet Technology Group

By June 20, 2017 Blog

Back during the Hyperledger Member Summit late last year we spoke with Charles Cai, Chief Data Officer and the Chief Architect at Wanda Internet Technology Group. Wanda is a Premier Member of Hyperledger, and as such, Charles sits on the Hyperledger Governing Board.

According to Charles, Wanda Group benefits from Hyperledger in quite a few ways. First of all, Wanda believes Hyperledger provides the best underlying infrastructure for blockchain in the market. Second is the Hyperledger community and its work. There are examples but also features that they can lean on members to help with and work together. Most importantly, there are so many real use cases that Wanda can learn from and grow. At Wanda, they are looking at innovation around cloud, IoT and Big Data, including artificial intelligence on top of blockchain to build products and services for the middle class, which is a massive market in China.

Blockchain is decentralized and like a currency without a bank. But you still can exchange or do transactions with others you don’t know. It is basically a new trust, distributed computing, which Wanda believes will be a huge component of the utopia kind of society, in which they hope to be a part of creating.

You can watch the full interview here:

Transcription here.