[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Digital Asset’s CMO, Dan O’Prey

By May 24, 2017 Blog

Dan O’Prey is the CMO of Digital Asset, which is a Premier founding member of Hyperledger. He is also the chair of the Hyperledger Marketing Committee. Digital Asset benefits from being a part of Hyperledger because they believe we all need a common underlying base layer to build blockchain solutions on top of. Digital Asset is a main contributing to Hyperledger both in terms of Hyperledger Fabric code as well as the Governing Board and Marketing Committee.

According to Dan, the back offices of financial institutions are very inefficient because they are siloed. By having a blockchain technology like Hyperledger we can reduce a lot of inefficiencies. It will change Digital Asset’s clients’ business by allowing them to neutralize data infrastructure so that they can all rely on the same, single source of truth.

Hyperledger is the leading organization for collaborating on open source. It serves as an independent neutral ground for different companies that would normally be competitive to work together for the good of the industry. Hyperledger reduces the duplicative efforts these companies would normally go through by creating common infrastructure that they can all build value added products and services on. Dan believe the purpose of blockchain is to enable a future in which value can move almost instantly.
Watch the full video below: