[VIDEO] Hyperledger Interviews Thierry Chevalier of Airbus

By March 27, 2017 Blog

We recently sat down with Thierry Chevalier, Chief Engineer of a Digital Product Development and Manufacturing project at Airbus and Hyperledger board member.

In the interview, Thierry explains that an important objective for Airbus is to revamp how they develop products and manufacturing with blockchain.

The benefit of being a part of Hyperledger is to take advantage of an open source initiative, and align on common solutions for handling complex supply chain issues found in aeronautics. Airbus has literally hundreds of thousands of partners and having this kind of solution is politically neutral and affordable for everybody to collaborate.

Thierry believes if someone is considering blockchain, the combination of open source, a robust governance policy, as well as a wide range of technical options including options on private or permissioned blockchain, makes Hyperledger a very good choice.

Watch the full video below!

Transcription here.