Guest post: Sai Tejo Kiran E, Co-organizer, Hyperledger Hyderabad Meetup Group

Hello from Hyderabad!

On a happening Saturday evening not too long ago, a group of 20 professionals huddled in a room in the heart of Hyderabad to discuss how blockchain can help resolve issues related to trust, transparency and collaboration. Blockchain is the name of the game and Hyperledger was the enabler for this game. At the first ever Hyperledger Hyderabad meetup, we had participation from people who were involved in a plethora of fields like technology, business development, marketing, product development and project management! Blockchain has managed to capture the imagination, belief and the rigor of professionals in Hyderabad and we believe this is just the beginning!

The session was divided into two parts. The first part served as an introduction to blockchain and its application by Tejo who was the organizer. The goal of this session was to give an overview of the features of blockchain technology and showcase instances of how people around the world have built products with the technology to solve real life problems for customers. This was followed by a discussion around the importance of open source platforms like Hyperledger while building applications based on blockchain. There was a uniform consensus on how open source tools help in keeping the access balanced with the added advantage of interoperability.

The second part of the discussion was led by Phani who is a software developer and a strong advocator for open source technologies. He dwelled upon the technology surrounding the concept of blockchain and the features associated with blockchain, which are useful for different stakeholders. To make the understanding easier for the participants, he elaborated on the concept from the perspective of Bitcoin since it was something which everyone was aware of. After explaining the setup of Bitcoin, the discussion centered on the limitations and shortcomings of having multiple blockchains, and the hard fork in which Ethereum had to implement post hack. This was followed by the attendees sharing their ideas on how blockchain technology can help solve problems in multiple industries.

The meetup has taken off to a great start and the next session will be in the form of a workshop where we will actually set up a blockchain on Hyperledger to promote a more hands on approach to learning! The first Hyperledger Hyderabad organizers are looking for more fruitful interactions with the community in the near future!

You can join the Hyperledger Hyderabad meetup group here, if interested. Or if you’re thinking of starting a Hyperledger meetup in your area, you should first visit the Wiki to learn about best practices to do so: