Hyperledger Announces Technical Working Group China

By January 3, 2017 Blog


Hyperledger membership has been growing quickly in China over the past year. To date, more than 25% of Hyperledger members are from mainland China. In order to foster a strong relationship between the Hyperledger global community and the China local technical teams, today, Hyperledger is announcing a Technical Working Group China (TWG China). TWG China was officially approved by the Hyperledger TSC on December 1, 2016.

The TWG China is a bridge between the global Hyperledger community, the emerging technical users and contributors in China and the greater region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. TWG China is now led by key contributors from China, who actively contribute to the Hyperledger Technical Community and build the consortium ecosystem. Currently, three members are appointed by Hyperledger TSC as chairpersons of the working group, including Baohua Yang from IBM, Dong Cai from Wanda and Ruifeng Hu from Huawei.

The mission for TWG China is to help grow the Hyperledger developer community in China by responding to new user questions, as well as help with first-level triage of community-reported bugs or other issues. TWG China will also:

  1. Help grow the Hyperledger technical team, embrace more members and encourage technical contribution to Hyperledger community from the greater China region.
  2. Help demonstrate to new developers how to contribute,e.g., report bugs or file pull requests, and point motivated developers towards the Hyperledger roadmaps and development initiatives.
  3. Expose new users to the broad range of projects at Hyperledger.
  4. Regularly organize meetups, Hackathons, trainings and related activities for the membership and technical fans to communicate and exchange innovative ideas with each other.

Individual contribution and firm membership are warmly welcomed. As an open team, TWG China encourages others from the community to join the team, help build the local technical scene, and promote Hyperledger with more adoptions and scenarios. If you’re interested in joining please email hyperledger-twg-china@lists.hyperledger.org. You can also visit:  https://wiki.hyperledger.org/groups/tsc/technical-working-group-china for additional information.



在过去的一年中,Hyperledger 中国成员增长迅速。目前,25%以上的Hyperledger 成员来自中国大陆地区。为了培养Hyperledger 全球社区与中国当地技术团队之间的紧密联系,今天,Hyperledger 宣布成立中国技术工作组(TWG China)。该工作组由 Hyperledger 技术委员会于2016121日正式批准。

中国技术工作组是连接 Hyperledger 全球社区和大中华地区(包括港台)新兴技术用户和贡献者的桥梁。中国技术工作组的具体工作由数位来自中国的核心贡献者领导展开,他们作为 Hyperledger 技术社区的活跃贡献者,帮助建设了整个联盟的生态系统。目前工作组的三位执行主席由 Hyperledger 技术委员会任命,他们是杨保华(IBM)、蔡栋(万达)以及胡瑞丰(华为)。

中国技术工作组的使命是发展壮大中国的 Hyperledger 开发者社区,包括新用户答疑以及归类处理社区反馈的 bug 和其他问题。另外,中国技术工作组的具体工作还包括:

帮助扩展 Hyperledger 技术团队,吸引更多成员加入,鼓励更多来自大中华地区的对 Hyperledger 社区的技术贡献。

向新开发者演示如何进行贡献,包括报告问题、提交代码等,帮助有意向的开发者向 Hyperledger 的技术路线图和开发设计理念靠拢。

Hyperledger 旗下的多个子项目带来更多的新用户。


我们诚挚欢迎独立贡献者和公司成员的加入。作为一个开放的团队,中国技术工作组鼓励社区的其他成员的加入,一起建设本地化的技术氛围,让Hyperledger 获得更多可能的应用和场景。如果您有兴趣加入,请发送邮件到hyperledger-twg-china@lists.hyperledger.org 。您也可以访问https://wiki.hyperledger.org/groups/tsc/technical-working-group-china了解更多信息。