Hyperledger Hackathon and Hackfest Recap

By October 9, 2016 Blog

The first ever Hyperledger Hackathon took place October 1-2 in Amsterdam. More than 120 developers (20 teams) gathered for the event organized by ABN AMRO, IBM, Holland Fintech and Hyperledger.


During the Hackathon, teams of students, fintechs, start-ups, and staff from IBM and ABN AMRO had 36 hours to build their own application on Hyperledger. As part of their efforts, they were allowed to tap the expertise of  visiting experts from the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee and others. At the end of the 36-hour period, a jury assessed the teams’ proposals and applications with a focus on application value to clients and business as well as its technical implementation.

The energy and enthusiasm of the teams was incredible to watch. Each team had a deep appreciation of the technology and how it could be applied. A few of the teams even slept at the venue, working through the night to polish their implementation and pitch!

The winning team (pictured below) built a practical application for the storage of medical information, controlled and updated by medical experts and patients as owners of the data. Each team member won an Oculus Rift.


Following the Hackathon was the Hyperledger Hackfest, which took place on October 3-4 in the ABN AMRO Innovation Centre. 60 developers attended. This marked the first time the bi-monthly international Hackfest was held in Europe.

Some of the agenda items addressed at the event included:

  • Overview of consensus model evolution
  • Data confidentiality enhancements (selective distributed ledger)
  • Future support for other chaincode languages
  • Starter kit tutorial
  • Brian and Chris held a session for our ABN AMRO hosts on what the Hyperledger project is all about
  • Brian held a session on new potential projects
  • There were a number of ad hoc breakouts with various maintainers present (Chris, Gari, Binh, Murali, Tamas and Gabor)
  • Fabric maintainers held a meeting to discuss release process
  • Hyperledger Architecture WG also held a session at the Hackfest, led by Ram Jagadeesan from Cisco


If you are interested in further engaging with the technical community, sign up for one or more of the mailing lists at https://lists.hyperledger.org/mailman/listinfo.